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Putting Together Opportunities! 

Parents, teachers, students, school administration and the business community are working together to make Crockett a better place to learn — joining efforts through Crockett’s Parent Teacher Organization. 

For Parents, the Crockett PTO means: 

-Knowing your school- teachers, administration, other parents 

-Better communication 

-More volunteer opportunities 

-A united organization that makes a difference! 

For Teachers, the Crockett PTO will: 

-Provide a forum for communicating with parents 

-Help improve the physical environment 

-Raise more funds for classrooms 

-Support for special projects, field trips, etc. 

For Students, the Crockett PTO will mean: 

?More sponsored activities 

?More enrichment programs to help you make positive life choices 

?More activities that will increase school spirit 

For the First Ward Community, the Crockett PTO means: 

-An improved campus and a better neighbor 

-Improved student relationships with the community 

-And, ultimately, better citizens! 

Join today! Your membership in Crockett PTO shows your child that you value their education as well as that of ALL Crockett students through the support of school wide projects. 

Your Membership and Support are sincerely appreciated!

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